Marc Jacobs Hears The Twitter Twatter Of Little Feet

Mar 28, 2011Breaking Newzzz


Thanks to Twitter, Marc Jacobs now knows the downside of Social Media. Some intern had the quintessential bad first job experience and Twittered about how horrendous Robert Duffy is. Look, I am sure he is no picnic, but who is? It sounds like this boy, fresh out of college and being mollycoddled his whole life, could not figure out how to deal with the real world. There are studies after studies showing that the Baby Boomer parents have raised a generation of the neediest, spoon-fed, car-pooled tangerines. When kids get into the work force, they are overwhelmed for not being acknowledged and told how great they are for every task they do. So, I will go out on a limb here and say that the anonymous Twitterer is probably sulking in his mommy and daddy’s house, waiting for dinner to be served…and job hunting on Facebook.

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