Uganda Be Kidding Me, Chelsea Handler

Jan 22, 2016Breaking Newzzz
Uganda be kidding me and Chelsa Handler.

Uganda be kidding me, Chelsea Handler

Uganda Be Kidding Me, Chelsea Handler returns to the small screen and it’s all about Chelsea Handler’s return to the small screen. Frankly she hasn’t been all that missed.  Republican Politics has been a refreshing, hilarious (albeit scary) mid-season replacement. By the end of her once funny chat show for underemployed stand-up pranksters, Chelsea Lately  was no longer all that funny. Rather, it was a crass catch-me, catch me half hour gabfest about how funny she thinks she is coupled with how funny her celebrity friends like Jennifer Aniston thought the was. All the while bragging about her money, fame and acting like her shit officially began to smell like a Hot Pocket.

Chelsea Does is the name of her upcoming four-part docuseries, a term being used to try to make it seem like this will be of any value to anyone’s lives besides her own and her dog Chunk. Time magazine calls it Netflix’s Chelsea Handler Docuseries is a narcissistic new low. E! would never dare say anything bad about Ms. Handler because they were scared shitless of her. Besides, she schtupped her boss. ‘Nuff said.

SIDEBAR: The law of the land in Uganda makes homosexuality a crime, punishable by life in prison. The original bill was for gays to be put to death. So now you know why there’s no Uganda Fashion Week! One can only imagine how hideous the interiors are in that country.


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