Palin + Bachmann = Dumb & Dumber

The Presidential hopefuls are on the warpath. Haiiyaa, Haiiyaa.

The past few days while Charlie Sheen has been monopolizing the airwaves, the happy homemakers, Sarah (Cross-Hair) Palin and Michele (Cross-Eyed) Bachmann have been doing their darndest to get some face time on the boob tube. Naturally, Fox News to the rescue, where Ms. Blabbermouth #1 has been spewing venomous insults about the Obama Administration, while her potential Presidential rival Ms. Blabbermouth #2 was doing the same. The slanderous comments such as “Gangster Government” is so racially motivated, that it makes John Galliano look like Mother Teresa. Now, these two bimbettes have synced up their talking points to the point where you cannot tell the two apart. From my vantage point this will only, happily, mean that they will simply cross each other out when the time comes for them to run for President. Unless, Dumb and Dumber are so stupid, that they will run for the White House on one ticket. Palin for President while Bachmann, conceding that she is, in fact, the dumber of Dumb and Dumber, will accept the secondary slot as Vice Presidential hopeful. Sign me up to be the PR committee on that ticket. Talk about non-stop hilarity.

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