Black Is The New Black, Again…Finally!

Mar 8, 2011Fashion

Haider Ackermann wins best collection from Paris. Though I have not seen Chanel, I am going out on a limb here.

UPDATE March 8, 2011: It’s official: black IS back! Don’t believe me? Check out the dark mood at Chanel. We all know that Karl Lagerfeld rules the fashion roost worldwide. So, if Karl says “Black uber alles” then so it is. And, from the looks of his somewhat over stuffed collection, black is here and hopefully to stay. When I say overstuffed, I mean the quilted, unflattering jumpsuits that will never live on the streets, but just in the magazines. For now, I am reveling in Black Power!

Who is wearing this quilted nonsense besides the models in the pages of Vogue Russia?

March 7, 2011: For the past few seasons, fashion editors have been howling from the rooftops that color was key. Bold, bright, neon, pastel, blocking, jewel tones, anything with a hue. Admittedly, they photograph well, but one cannot build a wardrobe from the pages of a magazine, especially when you look nothing like Karlie Kloss or Chanel Iman. Let’s not even discuss those colorful monkeys from Prada spring collection. From the looks of things, the statement this season is ‘Black Is Back‘ with a vengeance. Looking at the collections from Lanvin, Azzaro and Nina Ricci in Paris, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Jil Sander and Versace in Milan or Ralph Lauren, J. Mendel and much of Oscar de la Renta in New York, the bottom line for Fall ’11 is black, black, black. Hello looking skinny again. Look, yellow might be nice on roses, though I prefer white, and it definitely worked that one time on the Oscars Red Carpet when Michelle Williams wore the Vera Wang with the bright red lips, but otherwise, YIKES. Sure, emerald green and purple rocked the red carpets this Oscar season, but only on the royal few as opposed to the sea of many. And yes, gray was the new black for a minute, so if you stocked up on it, you’ll live, albeit much happier wearing black.

Giorgio Armani - Lanvin - J.Mendel went black to basics.

Call me an old fogie, but black will always win my heart because it makes me feel thinner. It is worth every dime spent on new purchases. Perhaps why black is having a hey day is due to the fact that we are all in a collective mourning for a time gone by. Needless to say, the economy has shifted the way we think and buy. But besides that, we have evolved into a society obsessed with douche bags like Charlie Sheen and Gross Baboons like the cast of the Jersey Shore. We tune into watch 16 year old mothers out of wedlock who are getting arrested for being, well, gross baboons and we are now reduced to watching Chelsea Handler‘s staff make complete fools out of themselves. Excuse me while I hunker down and pick up a book while wearing black from head to toe.

Alfie is the new black.

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