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This is me, high-stepping onto my soap box, asking all of you (whoever you are that actually comes to this blog besides me and three of my dear friends Ali, Tim and Johnna, and that’s after I call them and beg them) to think long and hard about your life. Actually, this message is to everyone on Earth, that this is a time for reflection. Whether you are one of the culprits that caused the downfall of the U.S. as we know it (which I think is an exciting new time) or someone directly effected by these mother fuckers who participated in the financial schemes, or just a garden variety fanatical consumer. You know who you are. But fear not the wrath of ABE, though I do like to think of myself as biblical. I looked up Abraham in Wikipedia (my recent obsession along with Facebook) and it means High Father, or Father of Multitudes. High Father, for sure. Multitudes? Well, I have one dog. Anyway, I digress. Let’s get back to the soap box.

This is a fantastic time to reflect on our lives. Deep, inner reflection, which is what makes humans the superior species or “rational animals” according to Immanuel Kant (philosopher, for those of you who have no reference whatsoever). It’s either we reflect on our lives or we act like dogs, sleeping eighteen hours a day, lick our own genitalia, getting umpteen amounts of love and affection, tilting your head to make someone’s day. Wait. These are the options? Give me a minute. No, stop. Who wants to be a dog? Eighteen years is considered a long life? No wonder they get to lick their own ass. Now is the time for each of us to reflect on the choices we’ve made. The career path we’re on, whether the job you have is bringing you joy, is the relationship you are in fulfilling or just a filler. Now is the time to own up to who you are and what you do? It’s not that painful once you see that you have the power to make changes. No matter what your situation is. I hear from so many people rationales for their unhappiness. I don’t understand that? Why be the victim of your own circumstance?

This is also the time for redemption, especially those of you fuck-wads that sold shitty mortgages, dilly dallied with other people’s money or livelihoods and just were an overall asshole…you know who you are. The most powerful lesson I have learned (believe me, the hard way) is the power to forgive. It is the greatest gift I ever received. It cleanses the soul. It gives you the strength to move forward through adversity. It heightens your senses. So, you, asshole who stole other people’s money, I forgive you. Doesn’t mean you should be free of any legal challenges, it just means that you are able to redeem yourself for the ills you have caused. Actually, we can all do a little redemption dance right about now since we are all participants in the problems that we currently face. Yes, you too. If you reflected, really reflected, then you would see that each of us have done at least one thing that we need to redeem ourselves for. And if not, then, by all means, go, walk on water, I’ll just sit here and watch.

I try to reflect and redeem when ever I can. It’s not fattening and quite yummy. To me, anything that feeds the soul you can pile on my plate. As a life long over-eater, I’d surely prefer heaps of mumbo jumbo rather than lard-filled gumbo. I hope this has been inspiring…in an ABE kind of way. Ciao for now.

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