Sarah Palin Is The Lindsay Lohan Of Politics

Is Sarah Palin sitting on the back of the bus?

I am not a betting man so there will be no money on this, but from the tone of Sarah Palin‘s rhetoric, that girl is running for President like I am sitting here in my under-shorts. Never before have we had a potential candidate this confident to the point where she avoids the media, yet they follow her around like paparazzi do to Lindsay Lohan. It is mind boggling. The Washington Press Corps has been reduced to the likes of those who would cover the Axe Body Spray Lounge in the Hamptons. It would not surprise me if Ron Galella mounts a show called Sarah Smile. Sure, the media was obsessed with Barack Obama when he was running and many say that it was that coverage that pushed him over the top to get the nomination. That, and Oprah. But back to the matter at hand.

It is unprecedented how the international media is playing cat and mouse with the One Nation Tour Bus that Sarah Palin is driving. Oh, that photo op is sure to surface, to prove that she is more than capable to run a country because she can drive a bus. You have to hand it to her, though. All the Sunday morning news shows, well, chat shows with current event themes, were talking about Sarah. Not Tim “Snooze” Pawlenty or Ron “Codger” Paul or even Newt “Toodles” Gingrich. Nope, not so much as a mention, except to say that they were all amused that Sarah Palin was getting all the coverage and sucking the wind out of all their sails.


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One Response to “Sarah Palin Is The Lindsay Lohan Of Politics”

  1. nature freak says:

    I think she's going to run because if she decides not to the interest in her will quickly collapse. Palin's Narcissistic Personality syndrome can't handle that. And I hate to be sexist but by 2016 her feminine charms may not be quite as powerful

    But what if something else came along?
    Regarding Palin and her bus tour de hell, here’s an idea:
    There needs to be another season of the alternative hit Canadian television series
    “Trailer Park Boys” produced. Sarah Palin, listen up. Sarah you will
    play Mr.Lehay’s new love interest. As the season progresses it becomes
    all about you taking over Sunnyvale trailer park, and your acting role
    will be one of descending into a alcoholic and meth induced madness.
    Bristol and Willow television roles will be of puck bunny daughters who
    move into the trailer park and cause further chaos. Palin, this role is
    you. The set will be a trailer park, should make you feel at home. Even
    you can take direction in this environment as it will come from your
    soul. And you will be much too busy shooting episodes in Nova Scotia
    (sorry Nova Scotia, the needs of the many sometimes outweigh the needs
    of the few) to go around in your really annoying highway of hell bus
    tour or to run for President. You will get paid. Maybe you can buy
    another home, this time in Halifax, and you can tell people you see
    Europe from your house. And this reality I mean mockumentary show I
    will watch. It will almost be like an alternative version of “Sarah
    Palin’s Alaska” I may even buy the DVD.
    Mike Clattenburg, please pick up the phone. Please….

    And by the way, even Lindsay Lohan or god forbid snooki would make a better president. At least these two would stay out of legislating against the intimate affairs of consenting adults.

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