Sarah Palin’s Reality

Nov 14, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Is it me or does Bristol Plain look older than her mother. Imagine when Bristol starts dating again, the awkward MILF moments.

No, I will not be watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska, a.k.a The Real Housfrau of Wasilla tonight. Will you? Let’s face it, those who tune into watch that down-market, animal killer will surely be enthralled with her phony “Gotcha (wink) Crap” . In a decidedly calculated move to engage the lowest common denominator of television viewers, Sarah Palin is doing a reality show while her promiscuous daughter Bristol Palin continues (not sure how) to flash her tits on Dancing With The Stars. This is all part of the diabolical plot to have the clueless American public fall madly in love with that horrendous family enough to vote them in the White House in 2012. Oh you think I am just spewing crazy thoughts? Snap out of it, girl. But what do I know?

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