Kanye West: Put A Sock In It

Nov 15, 2010Breaking Newzzz

These two went to the opening of a garment bag.


Pictures of Kanye West‘s penis were allegedly pitched to Playgirl and in a twist of fate, the magazine passed on the offer. So what are you now Kanye, the next Kelly Bensimon from The Real Housewives of New York City? Can someone please stuff a sock in Kanye West‘s mouth? Kanye fell from grace having opened his pie hole at the VMA Awards and stealing the thunder from Taylor Swift for winning Best Song. He actually took it upon himself, with his over blown ego, to determine who should have won that year. Now granted, many may have agreed with Kanye…but who dubbed him king? Besides himself. Cut to: Everyone was over him in the music industry so he decided to squirm his way into the fashion biz and sit front row at every show in Paris, Milan and New York with that hookery looking bleached blond “wanna be model” Amber Rose. Naturally, fashionistas will suck up to anyone controversial in the hopes of getting press, hence he became the Louis Vuitton darling…vomit.

Cut to: Kanye’s new album, where he belts out into song everywhere from the lunchroom at the Facebook offices, on an airplane, and somehow, back in the bosom of the music biz with the grand finale at this year’s VMA to a rousing standing ovation. I stood up too because he was willing to admit that he is a scumbag AND a douchebag. His new video goes on longer than Gone With The Wind and is so pretentious…that whatever humble pie he may have eaten since the Taylor Swift flap, has clearly been digested and shat out. The newest controversy is his appearance on The Today Show with Matt Lauer. With another babbling brook George Bush Jr. making the rounds spewing life in hindsight on talk shows, Kanye went on Today to respond to Bush’s admission that when Kanye called him a racist after Hurricane Katrina, “It was one of the low points of my Presidency”. Really, because I would have thunk, Mission (NOT) Accomplished was the ultimate bottom. All I can say about Kanye’s appearance is that he should just shut up and stop inserting himself where ever he wants. Watch this clip and you tell me that you don’t think that Kanye West needs to just shut the f&#k up.


2 responses to “Kanye West: Put A Sock In It”

  1. vivian Kelly says:

    Yes, he's not doing himself any favors by continuing to blab and to bully Matt Lauer in the process.

  2. ipb says:

    Conditioned humans vs Wild humans.

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