Signs That The Crisis Is Ending in NYC

Escape from New York

Toodles Plenty...feh.

My favorite Oxycontin addict, Rush Limbaugh, has promised to move out of New York City now that Governor Patterson has upped the tax code for the rich. Next stop Texas where he can pal around with Bushy. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. And that is front page news? Well, yes, good news anyway. And with the exodus of that gross baboon comes a ray of hope that true, cool people will prevail and we’ll take back New York from the riff-raff that began to inhabit once the Disney-fication took hold during the Giuliani years. Toodles galore…all of you.

And while we’re at it, let’s pack up the Real Housewives of New York and stick them on a bus to nowhere, ’cause who the hell are they anyway and how on Earth did they get front row seats to ANY fashion show? Excuse me, Badgley-Mischka, having crazy-eyed Ramona Singer sitting front row is as bad as Ashley Dupre at Yigal Azruel. And having the Housewives  (and their kids) sit front row at your show is like admitting that Jason Wu and Narciso Rodriquez have snatched your market share and you are one step away from obscurity.

OK girls, stop fighting, smile and say...CHEESEY.

OK girls, stop fighting, smile and say...CHEESEY.

Might I suggest that B.M. focus their efforts on Russia and India, where they love all that ungi-patchked (overly embellished in Yiddish) crap and this way you don’t have to resort to the embarrassment that comes with having a Christian jewelry and T-shirt designer sitting in your front row. That, my dear boys, it sinking to the lowest level of front rowness. At least Ashley (the happy hooker) caused controversy (bad, surely) but Ramona? Yikes. Give me controversy or give me death. I think that’s how the expression goes.

Pre-Construction Party at Bondw, late 70's. No that's not me!

Pre-Construction Party at Bond, late 70's. (No that's not me!)

“New York, just like I pictured it, skyscrapers and everythang.” I remember when Stevie Wonder’s song came out, when the city still had a mystique, and an innocence that invited people to come here to  find themselves through freedom of expression, heat-seeking the usual experience. So how did we end up with too many tragicly corporate-types, way too many Republicans, no magazines and those horrendous Housewives of New York? This is not Atlanta! It’s New York, damn it. I moved here in the late 70’s, the city was on the verge of bankrupcy, an economic nightmare, yet it was the most exciting time to be in New York. The fashion scene was red hot, clubbing was the nightly activity on everyone’s to-do list and we lived and loved on the edge. What we need to do is find that spirit left in all of us and recapture the innocence lost. To rememeber a time when a Rush Limbaugh was on the fringe of society, not the main stage. And when housewives was a respectable job, raising kids with dignity and women like Kelly Bensimon or Bethany Frankel were considered single women, not housewives. Come on…we can do it!

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