Spray Tan Horrors

Mar 27, 2010Breaking Newzzz

My assistant Ryan said yesterday that he was thinking about getting a spray tan because the BCBG Max Azria store was doing an in-store promotion and he wanted to try it out. Horrifying as that sounds on every front, I implored him not to do it and hoped that he heeded my words rather than follow his heart when he left the office. The thing about spray tans is that no one looks good with them. Anything obvious is not a good thing. Most bridezillas that have adopted this practice for their wedding day look borderline insane…and orange. Orange and white? Never a good look, fashion or otherwise. Here are a few good reasons that will prove, once again, that daddy knows best.

Oy by Donald Trump.

Donatella Versace proves the old adage, "Do as I say, not as I do".

What is there to say here besides Rachel Hunter needed to not attend this event.

Anna Lynne McCord is scary on several fronts.

Amanda Bynes has just got to stop. Click on the this image for more reasons.

I mean...Mickey Rourke...what?!?

Tom Jones, might I suggest when stepping out of obscurity, that you opt not to spray tan?

This is Devon James, the new skank in the Jesse James-Sandra Bullock scandal.

I leave you with this thought. Linsday Lohan.

2 Responses to “Spray Tan Horrors”

  1. Tina says:

    With the exception of Donatella, these people have no excuse for orange skin. They all have stylists. I think.

    Donatella's Italian. They all have the orange glow over there. She'd be weird if she didn't.

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