Tom Ford Planning Women’s Collection

Mar 26, 2010Fashion

Tom Ford is ready to stop playing around only with men's wear and getting back into the women's business.

Wait…did I read that correctly? Tom Ford is what? Do you mean to tell me that an actual fashion designer is developing a collection for women? How is that possible? These days all we hear about are celebrities slithering their way into the fashion industry. Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, the Olsen Twins, Kim Kardashian, to name a few but the list is endless. Women’s Wear Daily reports this morning that Tom Ford, is in fact in talks with Givenchy designer, Pablo Coppola and a few other notables such as an accessory designer from Alexander McQueen to assemble a ferocious design team. The Tom Ford brand is headed into the women’s business and that my dear friends is fashion news. Not Linsday Lohan has a legging line or Madonna loves Macy’s or Katie Holmes bla bla bla. Fotz to all that hullabaloo. You go Tom Ford, girl. You will surely be a welcome addition to the landscape and a much needed boost to the energy in the marketplace. And definitely make another movie to follow up A Single Man…but get a better screenwriter.

Tom Ford's design on Julianne Moore...thoughts?

4 Responses to “Tom Ford Planning Women’s Collection”

  1. Ericka says:

    Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Anniversary! I wish you and everyone at IMW many more years of success!

  2. Tina says:

    Good news. The guy is a ball of talent isn't he?

    Although that dress above is a shocker. Makes JM look downright frumpy. Or maybe she is downright frumpy?

    • suech McGooch says:

      That top picture is appalling. How many men do you expect to read this with out being disgusted by such an intro picture? I own a chain of contemporary men's stores. Fashion is my middle name and I'm straight. Don't need to be greeted by men's asses.

      Not reading your blog anymore.

  3. Joe Ewing says:

    I really don't think you should be arriving in loincloths made of dingo skin, much better than we've been qualified for succeed. As soon as we realize definitely is effectively worth exercising, precisely what trendy.

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