The Blubbering Republicans

Dec 16, 2010Breaking Newzzz

What's with all the boo-hooing in the Republican Party. They friggen won.

I went to a parochial school and remember one of my tougher teachers yelling at a little kid who was crying for some reason or another to, “Stop that blubbering”. No, it was not directed at me. Though I distinctly remember that the use of the word “blubbering” made me so uncomfortable because I was a chubby kid. Blubbering stings. I have not heard that term used since then, but it seems most appropriate to describe the new leaders of the Republican Party. Could you just imagine what these born again Tea Baggers, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner would say about Barack Obama if he so much as shed one tear from a podium? Or what about the disrespectful Washington Press Corps? Would they ever let him live a tear down? No way. What does the shiny new (and when I say shiny, I mean in a shiny orange way) Speaker of the House get for being the cry baby of the century? Accolades and a segment on 60 Minutes to show from what a sweet place all that blubbering comes from.

We thought Obama would be our Agent of Change, well, now we are going to get Agent Orange.

All I know is that blubbering and leaders should not be in the same sentence…not as an adjective anyway. I want a tough fighter like Hillary Clinton doing my dirty work, not some sad sack hypocrite. If anyone is doing any blubbering, it’s me…seeing that the Republicans are forever getting away with murder and blubbering time after time.

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