Pays Homage To Courtney Love, Nut-Bag Extraordinaire

Dec 15, 2010Fashion doesn't show pictures of Courtney looking like this.

Ever since Anna Wintour had the good sense to separate her Vogue brand from, which used-to-be the leading fashion blog, it has since suffered the slippery slope currently affecting many fashion blogs as of late. Is it me or does it seem that so many fashion blogs have become regurgitated, un-opinionated non-news? As we wind down 2010, felt compelled to do a piece on The Year In Love, all about Courtney Love–known whackadoo. But not only is Courtney–who yes, has cool moments–a total loon, but in the bigger picture, she is so friggen crazy, that even her own daughter, Frances Bean, has a restraining order against her. Trust me, I have read emails and texts from her and yikes. Did you read Eric Wilson‘s piece in The New York Times? I am not alone here. These are the feet at whom the fashion industry throws rose petals? This is the kind of not-on-the-planet-Earth antics that the fashion media acknowledges, suggesting she makes for a good role model? Cool is one thing, insane is another. Alienating your child is simply not cool. And to honor her as loudly as we have is indicative of how awry we have all gone. It is not just Courtney. If this is who we deem worthy of unending praise, then it is time we took a long hard look in the mirror.  As we enter the scary new era of Republican control of our future rights, this would not be the opportune moment to prop up lunatics reminiscent of the Jews out of Egypt, circa 1441 B.C. We have Sarah Palin, a self-proclaimed Moses type, who has gone up the mountain to chat with God and will surely come back with a newer, more stringent version of the Ten Commandments which she will use to govern us by. “Though shalt not honor nut-bags,” should be on the top of that list.

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