The Rachel Zoe Diet

Jan 10, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Rachel Zoe proves that you can never be too rich or too thin.

I am a huge Rachel Zoe fan. As a ex-fatty I cannot condemn her for wanting to be too rich or too thin, which is the mantra of the glitterati set. Seems like she is really busy and always on the run, extremely neurotic, and uber-self conscious. All of those things make you loose weight, so she in fact can start The Rachel Zoe Diet, which is the combination of all of the aforementioned. The Rachel Zoe Diet limits your food intake, quadruples you Starbucks ingestion and the act of saying and being fiercely fabulous will take pounds off your figure. Oh yeah, and saying, “I D-I-E” eight-hundred times a day also is part of the daily fitness regiment. This photo of Rachel will be the impetus for yet another branded opportunity for Miss Zoe. Move over Weight Watchers. The Rachel Zoe Diet will also style you into a better look. Now that’s a diet. Sign me right up.

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6 Responses to “The Rachel Zoe Diet”

  1. Lori says:

    I only wish I was that thin! Love you Rachel
    So what kind of coffee is it that you get at Starbucks?

  2. Ray says:

    Err… you're kidding about the "Now that's a diet. Sign me right up" part right? Because she looks like a skeleton. Plus that diet is REALLY bad for you, makes you grow old and sick quicker, and just makes you look like an completely unattractive person who is really skinny. Also, I hate Starbucks, and drinking only that is horrible because you're not getting any of the vitamins and stuff you need, AND it has around 300 calories a cupful. Go by the diet and you WILL d-i-e.

    • ANONY says:

      I CONCUR…..I love her sense of style (she loves vintage like I love vintage) but apart from that….???? I don't know why anyone just want to do the non-traditional method of losing weight (the traditional way being exercise, follow the proper food group pyramid, supplement food with vitamins and EAT JUNK IN MODERATION)to lose weight considering IT IS IN FACT VERY UNHEALTHY and even she (Rachel Zoe) doesn't know if she is "strong enough to carry a baby" (per what she stated on one of her episodes on her Rachel Zoe Project). Now, for those who watch the show EVER see her eat or drink ANYTHING other than Starbucks….other than water maybe. Perhaps she IS such a workaholic that EVERYTHING including properly caring for herself (and her marriage to boot) has taken a back seat or is completely out of the car is more like it, that she doesn't put on weight rapidly if at all. But really she doesn't look healthy at all and well….I do think she looks older than she actually is with the stress and low maintanence healthy habits she inflicts on herself. Now, I know what it feels like to have people imply that my figure is the way that it is (despite having 2 kids I've managed to get down to my pre-pregnancy size 6 figure)by implying that I don't eat or questioning and making comments to imply that I must be "doing something" (as in eating disorder or dieting aggressively to maintain)so I'm not trying to automatically make the conclusion that she has an eating disorder….but she does look more towards the unhealthy slender than "naturally thin" slender and judging by old photos of her from her college modeling days, she looked more healthy then, and she was still slender….or slender enough. I just don't agree with the notion that this type of an unhealthy slender look is celebrated so aggressively to the point where a 5'5 woman at 130lbs is considered scale tipping and a big deal in Hollywood, and is spreading across the nation.

  3. Zoe says:

    I am assuming that the caption under the picture was purely satirical… Because her 'diet' is killing her and has already aged her by about 15 years. Surely it is obvious that she has actual issuues with food, she needs a doctor quickly. There are ways to lose wieght and mantain a healthy weight which dont involve these methods of extremity show by Rachel-Zoe. I will finalise my point by mentioning that her look is quite frankly appaling, she looks like a lost old woman who is in the last stages of her life, if you want to look like this- sure people will stare, but not for any other reason that beacause you look grotesque!

  4. Sheryl says:

    I love Rachel Zoe! I love her show and her fashion sense! I, too am truly worried about her thinness. I want her to be a Healthy, Beautiful Woman who outlives us all…Rachel please just some great healthy food…Giada DeLaurentis has some great recipes and she is very I Love You Rach! Keep Healthy Doll!

  5. Wow Artfl, thanks for that link.

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