The Republicans Versus The Smurfs

Jul 29, 2011Breaking Newzzz

These characters are in the same peril as John Boehner and his troop of orange critters.

Throughout all this talk of the debt ceiling, the Republicans are now officially beginning to look like cartoon characters. The release of The Smurfs movie frames this debate in a very insightful way. Will these weirdly colored creatures survive their situations? Oh, I am talking about the orange folks in the Republican party, lead by John Boehner. He and Donald Trump are like the Tom & Jerry of orange blabbermouths. Nothing would be more genius than if John Boehner started crying over this process, caught on tape. The tension must be so thick in his chamber, that you can cut it with a knife. Yet, all eyes are on the Orange Man to see if he is going to boo hoo like a girl due to the sheer volume of the ridicule that he is getting for being inept.

This group makes The Smurfs more viable to lead this country.

But while we are here, might I ask why in hell we needed Smurf Week? Since I am, ahem, not young enough to have been a Smurf fan when they were all the rage in the 80’s, seeing all this Smurf propaganda was uber-annoying. It’s not the Smurfs are NOT sexy like our men in uniforms, hence Fleet Week. They are not hot like our comic book heroes, and believe me, we could use Captain America week, plenty. No, they are squeaky, mini-blobs with the same media value as Alvin and the Chipmunks. And yikes to that crowd. The cherry on the cake was Katy Perry‘s annoying Smurf dress, which made it to my Not Best Dressed List on Avenue Insider.

Katy Perry has actually become a cartoon character, but here she takes to the next, wrongest level. And I am not feeling the "back to blond" story either.

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