Things That Make Me Go…Huh?!?

Rather than go on a vitriol of my own about the tone of this past election cycle, which I am fully convinced is due in large part to the way Sarah Palin ran her personal popularity contest, I’d rather bring a little light and levity to what is now a time for heavy hearts. This weekend, a tragedy of tremense proportions has befallen on Arizona, and the world. Any way you slice it, it was no different than the underwear bomber of last Christmas, and every other recent terrorist act. Acts that are becoming way too commonplace in a world filled with anger, hate and resentment. But what can I do as a peace loving citizen? Maybe try to bring a smile to people’s face. So here are a few things in the news that just make me go…huh…or I Mean…What?!?

Like this snapshot wasn't a sure giveaway years ago?

1. On January 7, 2010 Johnny Weir, the ice-skating champion came out of the closet. Exactly what is going on here that gay men such as Ricky Martin and Johnny are officiating their gayness. Besides who cares, can I at least mention…NO KIDDING?

Rebecca plus one equals two.

2. Rebecca Mansour, Sarah Palin’s mouthpiece, is desperately Tweeting Sarah Palin’s innocence regarding the map with crosshairs. Might I suggest, “SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE.”

Justin Bieber will wear the new Hillary Swank Boy's Don't Cry Line.

3. Justin Bieber was included on the COED magazine’s The Web’s 50 Most Popular Women list. At least someone realizes that he is really a lesbian and not a boy. Hillary Swank, you done him proud.

Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx.

4. Denise Richards and Nikki Sixx have ended their affair. This is news?!? Is there still a War in Afghanistan happening or silly me for bringing it up?

The Kardashian's are like the low-rent Kennedy's.

5. A Kardashian in every closet. These girls are in every media outlet today for reasons unknown, as in, “Is Khloe pregnant or not?” Sure, you gotta love making hay out of hay, but hey!

Lindsay Lohan takes in a Laker game.

6. Will we ever leave Lindsay Lohan alone? She took in a Laker game, not a Laker girl. Leave this chick to live her life a day at a time. The media needs to go into Lohan rehab.

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  1. Maurine Ford says:

    Go Abe! Wonderful post.

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