Vote Or Die

Nov 1, 2010Breaking Newzzz

So where are these people now? Did they vote...then die? Where is the call to action from any of these people?

Well, I am surprised that ads like Vote or Die have not started running again. Let’s face it, it would be in keeping with a lot of the rhetoric that we have been hearing during this mid-term election cycle. Just wanted to take the day to be kind and loving and beseech you to help get the voting message out. Whatever your network is…and whatever means you communicate with them…please…invite everyone you know to vote tomorrow. It is our right as Americans…it is your duty as a citizen…and anything short of that is just apathy, which leads to alienation…and in this case…alien-nation. Well, that’s if the Tea Baggers get their way. So, look in the mirror, take a long hard look and ask yourself, “Who am I?” And if you can say, “I am an American.”,  then map out your schedule for Tuesday to vote. Will you go en-route to work, after work, you are unemployed and can go anytime…and boy…you better vote, or else suffer at the hand of your apathy…and (B) that’s why you are unemployed.

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