Sanity Uber Alles

Oct 31, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Surely Fox News would like to compare the Rally To Restore Sanity to the Nazi rally in 1935.

Lord knows Berlin might have benefited from a sanity rally somewhere between Sally Bowles and the Storm Troopers in the mid 1930’s. It is with a heavy heart that I mention Nazi Germany because I am a first generation American from parents who survived the concentration camps. With all the haters comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, I can’t stop thinking about the tone of this election cycle and the violent, reactionary, Tea Party headbangers. Is there a difference between Tim Profitt, the Rand Paul volunteer caught on camera stepping on a woman’s head, than any Nazi who was responsible for killing innocent women and children? We heard too often that the Germans acted out on orders. This Profitt guy did what he did without being told to do so. Imagine what this schmuck is capable of. And while I am am it, any of the angry Tea Baggers, who are being touted as loyal Americans. The truth is that each one of them would do exactly what every last German did in World War II. Why? Because it is human nature. Read up on Hitler and tell me you don’t think of Karl Rove or Sarah Palin.

Yesterday’s Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear was moving, warm and cozy, like sipping an international coffee with a friend. Familiar musicians performed, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert made me laugh, and the sea of attendees, 200,000 strong, seemed to be having a grand old time. Take that Glenn Beck…who I’d like to call the Joseph Goebbels of our time.

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