Washington DC Is Having A Hollywood Moment…Really?!?

Last week I suggested a new reality show, Real Housewives of the Republican Party, which would surely have been a jagoonza hit. Come to find out, that my idea was already in the air, as they are currently casting for Real Housewives of Washington DC. But, knowing that lame Bravo format, they will just cast bunch of pretentious wanna-bees, like they do in every other city, and the train wreck that will ensue, will just be like watching every other episode, insert city here…truly not that riveting. My show, however, would have been far more interesting and current. Since I am not doing that, and in fact, developing a talk show based on I MEAN…WHAT?!? for the internet (later this summer, stay tuned), I will focus on that and leave the “train wreck” television to those quasi-professionals.

I was reading today that Washington DC thinks it’s having a Hollywood moment for reasons that left me breathless:

Power couples.

The Emanuels are making offers no one can refuse.

1. Rahm Emanuel’s brother Ari is a player is Hollywood is one such reason. Does the word stretch apply here? Yes, for Ari, this a great thing. But let’s leave it at that.

Cute yes, riveting, no.

Cute yes, riveting, no.

2. Rashida Jones is dating Jon Favreau (Obama’s speechwriter, not the actor/director). OK, they are a cute couple and all, but does this ditty makes the city of Washington THE place to be seen?

World's most boribng couple. Relax Brangelina.

World's most boring couple. Relax Brangelina.

3. Kate Walsh was seen canoodling with Sean Smith, member of the Homeland Security team. Can someone please help me. This is dish? This will put the tabloids out of business.

I'm sure these candidates would be momre interesting for Real World than the usual lot of annoying, spoiled brats.

I'm sure these ex-candidates would be more interesting on the Real World than the usual lot of annoying, spoiled brats. At least these hook-ups would be hilare.

4. Oh, I see, now that the Real World is coming to Washington DC, that changes everything. Surely, now that a group of egomaniacal videotrons drinking and crying their way onto your HD screen makes DC all the rage…not.

Oy yoy, yoy. We have hear about these nobody bitches all year? Help!

Oy yoy, yoy. We have hear about these nobody bitches all year? Help!

5. Not to be outdone, the CW Network (of Americas Next Top Model fame) is doing a Gossip Girl type show in DC called Blonde Charity Mafia. Here’s a snippet from the website: “Their events are always a hot ticket; their dating lives are gossiped about; and sometimes merely their simple daily activities are chatter within the D.C. social set. Throwing these glamorous soirees every week, they are the young personalities of Georgetown and the darlings of the city’s most fashionable clubs and hottest restaurants.” Are your teeth hurting yet? Mine are. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to Georgetown. It is like any other Main Street USA, but with tons of  college kids. Are these young Blondes gonna be cougars at 25? What I am hoping for is the spin off, Real World/Blonde Charity Mafia Meets Road Rules: The COMPETITION. I’d love to see a Noodnik Drink-Off, or a House Hussy Smack Down, or even an Obligatory Gay Character Bitch-fest. Gee, I’m moving to Washington DC this fall. I wanna be amongst the glitterati.

2 Responses to “Washington DC Is Having A Hollywood Moment…Really?!?”

  1. Irene Dakota says:

    The city has just woken up from 8 years of being asleep at the wheel.

  2. David McFadden says:

    Re: Real Housewives of the Republican Party. Great idea–and maybe John Edwards (psychic, not idiot) could channel Martha Mitchell.

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