What Certain Fringe Elements Have In Common

Apr 4, 2011Breaking Newzzz

These two are on opposite ends of the spectrum of good versus evil, yet they share similar facial hair. Hmmm.

Arrest me for making this comparison, but both of these outspoken fringe-element characters, Pastor Terry Jones, being incredibly evil, and Jimmy McMillan, The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy, being hilariously right have one unmistakable thing in common: their facial hair. When these guys are not in front of the cameras spewing utter nonsense–again, one being extraordinarily evil, like Charles Manson evil, versus hilarious, like will-never-get-elected hilarious–they must be members of Barbershop Quartets.

What Rosa Parks was to the Civil Rights Movement, Terry Jones is to the War On Terror. What Terry Jones did by burning the Koran will be noted in history as the fire starter of a major wave of anti-American sentiment and terrorist actions. We already see the heightened rhetoric and murder by these insane Muslim extremists, and the worst is yet to come. You can argue that what the Afgans did was ridiculous, but we are not dealing with rational people. Sadly, the rash of terrorist attacks will erupt into escalated combat and violence, and will further extend all the wars in the Middle East. This will also compromise Barack Obama‘s second term. Yes, stay tuned to when Michelle Bachmann will be saddling up to Terry Jones once the election cycle kicks into high gear, because she will need him in Florida.

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