What Do Air Force 1 and Linsday Lohan Have In Common?

Apr 28, 2009Breaking Newzzz
Now I see why Barak wants a new head shot for Air Foce 1.

Now I see why Barak Obama wants a new head shot for Air Force 1.

Now I have seen and heard everything. Yesterday, Air Force 1 flew over New York City, really low, scaring the beJesus out of thousands of office workers downtown who were in eye shot of this troubling visual. Buildings on both sides of the Hudson River were evacuated and many thought they were doomed. Come to find out that Air Force 1 is like Lindsay Lohan, complete with publicist. The seemingly out of control airplane being followed by a fighter jet was in the midst of a photo op for Barak Obama’s plane. I…mean…what?!? A photo op? So now everyone and every-THING needs a head shot? On the eve of the 100 Days marathon, how annoying and pretentious is that? And to be caught in the middle of that nonsense is embarrassing.

Lindsay definitely needs a new head shot...she should hire the Dept of Defense.

Lindsay looking too Mariah. She should hire the Dept. of Defense to re-shoot her head shot.

Louis Caldera, the yucklehead Director of the White House Military Office deduced, ” it’s clear that the mission created confusion and disruption”. Sharp as a tack that one. And wait, the Department of Defense were the masterminds of these shenanigans. Might I suggest focusing your efforts on Federal Aviation and get those Jet Blue planes running on time. Honestly, I am glad that Fox TV is sticking to its guns and airing American Idol, rather than another publicity-fest for the endless 100 Days, which feels like 100 Years with the amount of bla bla it is getting.

On another note: My yesterday’s entry about swine flu still feels fresh. If ever there was a way to have people forget about money woes, a good health crisis will do the trick. I will do my part for this faux-pandemic-mania:

What's in Vogue this pandemic season.

What's in Vogue this pandemic season.

wear a Burka and skip the bacon with my eggs until the administration hires a Health Secretary or Sanjay Gupta says so. Please read on…or…

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