Yikes…Levi Johnston and I Are On The Same Page

Jul 10, 2009Breaking Newzzz
Will I get on Tyra if I sllep with someone famous?

Will I get on Tyra if I sleep with someone infamous? Where do I sign? I love Americas Next Top Model.

So, there you have it. Levi and I have both now gone on record to say that Sarah Palin resigned her post as Governor, due to financial reasons. All these bloviators and regular folks too, I might add, who said with conviction that she will go for the 2012 presidential run are out to lunch. I wasn’t kidding when I quoted Deep Throat, “Follow the money”. And now, it’s official, since Levi Johnston said so. Levi and I…blood brothers…fraternal twins…life partners. Naturally, the Huffington Post did not post my story from last week. No, only Levi’s pearl of wisdom get that level of recognition. After all, one shtoop and he’s a media darling. Heck, who do I have to sleep with around here to get taken seriously? Let’s face it, fucking has become the ticket to media acknowledgment…Monica Lewinksy, hello. I am happy to sleep with someone…perhaps anyone…especially if it will enhance my career…or not even.

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  1. Ericka says:

    ah yes, but if you could choose who you'd sleep with, who would it be???

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