Stop Bullying Now

What can be done? Sanctions, baby.


Speaking of bullying, I saw the film, Bully the weekend it opened. A touching, moving, slightly long film that shows the loss and heartbreak associated with bullying. I would have liked to have seen a couple of examples of upwardly mobile kids getting bullied because bullying is not a mid-west, low-income, rural issue. It is a national… rather global affair. Reading the article by Lee Hirsch, the director in today’s Huff Po, I wonder if all the hype and attention has the power to change man’s inner bastard. One can only hope, but chances are unless strict punishment goes into play for bullies, then not much else can be done. Tough kids will  not Kumbaya with a nelly. Period. The goal as I see it is to teach the notion live and let live. And if a bully does not comply, then various levels of ramifications should apply.


Having been invited to join the Stomp Out Bullying Committee, I welcome your support for this important initiative and charity, Stomp Out Bullying. Most of us have experienced some sort of bullying somewhere along the road to our current state of fierceness. You cannot be fierce unless you have survived some kind of obstacles or challenges through your youth. The more you hurdle the stronger you become. Bullying is one of those major challenges that we are confronted with, or accosted by, actually. Your ability to rise to the occasion and deal with the situation will serve you in the long run in many areas of your life. Being a victim can be daunting, but you do have options. Will we stomp out bullying? I don’t think entirely. But what we can do, is our part in the crucial work that Stomp Out Bullying does to make a difference in some child’s life. ‘Tis the season…find out how you can help.

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7 Responses to “Stop Bullying Now”

  1. David OZ says:

    When do you plan to stop bullying? The piece you did on Clay Aiken, who has been bullied more in the media than any decent guy should ever be, is a disgraceful example of hypocrisy on your part. Calling him gayken is even more egregious. You should feel shame for being the very kind of monster you pretend to want to stop.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      I support Stomp Out Bullying, which focuses on teens in harms way and cyber-bullying. You read my piece, I was bullied as a teen and happily moved on. Clay may have been ridiculed, but I don't quite consider it all bullying. And the gaykin crack is meant in jest. Perhaps you should consider taking the stick out of your ass and relax.

  2. David OZ says:

    I have a few letters to write about a hypocrite that thinks that bullying is fine if you think its funny. Stomp Out Bullying doesn't need the likes of you as a role model. You're old enough to know better. You're old enough to be Clay Aiken's Daddy yet you don't seem to find anything wrong with your bully tactics. Why you thought that showing your ass to the world through the exposure you get at the Huff Post was a good idea, I'll never understand. Unless you're learning disabled.

  3. connie says:

    abe , if you were bullied and " happily moved on " then it seems that you have very little understanding of the pain and hopelessness that some teens feel when it happens to them . Young people learn by what they see , hear and read . You might consider your words more carefully for their sake now that you are supporting Stop Bullying Now . If you are smart , you can be amusing without name calling . I hope you will try .

    • Abe Gurko says:

      exactly what word are you referring to?

      • connie says:

        Not ' word ' . I said ' words ' … any words that denigrate another human being even if the excuse for using them is getting a laugh . In my delusional world I hope for a lot of kinder , gentler " abes" who can make me laugh without name calling . It can be done . Sorry to nag you but I am getting acquainted with those folks who are supporting SBN . Otherwise I wouldn't be reading or commenting at all .

        And as you suggested to a previous commenter , I am moving on . Shalom .

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