Barbie For President? Ken As FLOTUS?

Apr 15, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Not two minutes after I create the I Mean What Party to Re-Elect Barack Obama...Barbie gets into the act?

The good news is that Barbie (Barbara Millicent Roberts) is not really running for President of the United States. In fact, Barbie is the first “thing” to have signed up to join the I Mean What Party to Re-Elect Barack Obama. Contrary to today’s news reports—we all know you can’t believe everything you read—there is no way Barbie would for President. She has far more important things to do like lay on the floor in a suburban den. Even more ridiculous is the idea of Ken (Kenneth Carson) as FLOTUS. Can you see it now… Michael Bastian running to dress him for the inauguration, not to be out-shined by Chris Benz.

Anyway, pshaw with such nonsense. The bottom line is that Barbie is a registered Independent and is not impressed with the wooden Mitt Romney. Once Mitt won the Wisconsin Primary, she ran to sign up for the I Mean What Party because let’s face it, Barack Obama is the better choice. After all, it takes a doll to know you just can not trust a doll because all they want is attention and fondling.

We always knew that Ken was a bit fey, but this White House thing really shed light on his masculinity.

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