Giselle on the Cover of Vanity Fair? Fotz.



Yes, Giselle Bundchen is gorgeous, as is her husband, Tom Brady. But did she really need to be on the cover of Vanity Fair? Correct me if I am wrong, but do we really care THAT much about her? I mean, she’s no Naomi or Kate. At least they had (have) massive drug histories, which make them extremely interesting and iconic. It’s just that Giselle is stunning, rich, married, happy, and blesses the food she eats. Yawn. Although I was riveted by the fact that she was raised in a remote village in southern Brazil where she says, “There were no buses, no subway–there’s not even a traffic light in my village.” That’s not the riveting part…this is. Most of the townsfolk were of German descent, as are both sides of Giselle’s family. So I got to thinking, “Germans in a remote village in Brazil? Hmmm. Wonder if they got there around 1945?”

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