Last Five Minutes Of Fame

Who of these Ugly Betty cast members can we wave off into the sunset?

Ah, the allure of fame. Fortune tends to follow suit…unless you are Nick Lachey or Jon Gosselin. But, those are the exceptions to the rule. Back to fame. “Celebrity is obscurity waiting to happen,” says Carrie Fisher. And true dat. So who makes the list this week? Could it be anyone from the cast of Ugly Betty? That would be a yes. There is also Lordana Jolie, winner, Gross Baboon of the Year. Or perhaps it is Mel B…AGAIN…since I put her on the original Last Five Minutes of Fame List when I launched this category…fyi.

Loredana Jolie, one of Tiger Woods' hookers and winner Gross Baboon of the Year can talk all she wants to the press. Toodles plenty.

Mel B is the new face of International Fitness Week?!? Would somebody just tell her that she has to stop.

Even cute people make it to the list. Nick Lachey is reportedly lean on cash. When people do desperate things for money...obscurity usually is not far off.

Earth to Morgan Christie: Making out with Jon Gosselin at Sundance does not celebrity make. So, Jon take note: "You're toast 'and your little dog, too'".

This might be a case of wishful thinking...but these two pedestrian mothers have to go by the

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