Legends In Their Own Mind…And Then…The Fall

Joe the Plumber is proof that nobodies will become nobodies.

Joe the Plumber is proof that nobodies will become nobodies.

There are so many maroons that capture the media’s attention and become overnight sensations. And when I say sensations, I don’t mean they are sensational by any means. “Sensation” is a homonym, and has more than one meaning. So when you see a picture of  Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, who are media sensations, for some ungodly reason, it’s not a stimulation of the senses (as per the dictionary), it is more like a weird anomaly. OK, class, let’s skip the English pop quiz and move on. My point is: how on Earth do so many nobodies become somebodies? Why has the press settled into a position of such power that rather than shed light on critical issues, or focus on people that are making a difference (besides Anderson Cooper’s annual “CNN Heroes”) they instead choose to spotlight a Joe the Plumber, who then captures the zeitgeist even though Joe was not at all the zeitgeist of the moment…on the contrary. Yes, I know, we all love to lap up salacious gossip like rabbits (who eat their own shit, by the way) but the press feeds the beast. Maybe if you feed the beast less,  it will limit the vomitorious-ness of these gross baboons that are always in our face (see below). Yes, we still need a little Perez Hilton now and again…but just now and again. ‘Cause eating too much shit it fattening for the brain….hence the expression fathead.

Alas, I MEAN WHAT?!? won’t change the world but I am happy to spotlight a few of THE WORLDS GROSSEST BABOONS:

Who do you nominate for Gross Baboon?

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