Obama Supporters That Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

Oct 5, 2012Breaking Newzzz

Obama is NOT the Trouble Man MSNBC thinks, Mitt Romney is, for lying through his teeth.

Shame on those Obama supporters for trashing his performance at the Presidential Debate to the level which they have. The night before the debate, Fox News dredged up an old video of Obama talking about Reverend Wright and just short of called him an angry black man. He was best served being low key and on message about two or three key points for this first debate… medicare and taxes for the middle class. WHICH HE WAS! And if the song says “It only takes a minute girl, to fall in love” and a slew of people fell in love with Mitt Romney that night, especially women and gay people…well… I feel sorry for you and your need for a shiny new toy.

Throughout the debate I was Tweeting and Facebooking that Obama was doing just fine. So, he wasn’t all fire and brimstone. OK, maybe he was a bit lackluster. So! You go up there and see how well you do. This world and its instant messaging being so Monday morning quarterback is becoming nauseating. If you hate Obama, you are not voting for him. If you love Obama, you are voting for him. If you are still undecided and think a liar is going to save your ass, so, do what you got to do. I wish you God speed. See, I used God in my political discourse. Thank you Lawrence O’Donnell for bringing that point home last night on The Rewrite.

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