Reality Star Reduction

This has to happen on the next season in order to be compelling. Fist bumps? Snore.

It seems like the tide is beginning to slowly turn on these so called celebrities, a.k.a reality television stars. Case in point, my  prediction yesterday of the reason why the Jersey Shore cast is heading back to…well…the Jersey shore. Seems like they were turned away from most places in Miami, which I could have told MTV, had they asked. Come on, what brand besides Ed Hardy want to be affiliated with those kids? Sure, when they were the flavor of the month, they were all the rage. Even Harper’s Bazaar was all over them. Now that the Jersey dust has settled, and they will all come off much more contrived, well, let’s just see how it goes. Point being, the bloom is off the rose. When Miami establishments thought through the association with the goombas and goomadas, JWoww and Snooki had to pack their troubles and drag their sorry asses back to New Jersey, where they belong. Sure, we’ll be watching…

C an you see the photpgrapher saying, "OK bitches, pretend you like each other and say, 'Cheesey'".

Same thing with those Bravo nudniks, The Real Housewives of New York City. One second everyone was oohing and aaahing about Bethenny Frankel’s wedding, and now everyone is saying, “Bethenny married a fag”. Recently I saw Jill Zarin and her pudge-ball husband out and about in New York and literally everyone was rolling their eyes, except Jill’s sad assistant. How about the fact that Countess (in her own mind anyway) LuAnn de Lesseps is walking around telling people she is 38 years old. According to Wikipedia, she is 44 years old…but I think she’s 50 if she is a day. Point being, the Housewives are grinding down everyone’s last nerves. I don’t care what the ratings are. Annoying is not something I would like to be considered.

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