Weekends Are Made For Kernels of Dish

Apr 11, 2010Breaking Newzzz

Do you care what this man says? Jim Carrey Tweeted his support of Tiger Woods yesterday. That’s more than interesting. – NY POST

Are Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs still “the happy couple”? I’ve been to as many gay divorces as I have gay marriages. -NY DAILY NEWS

In case you missed it, Tina Fey killed it doing Sarah Palin Network on Saturday Night Live. -HUFFINGTON POST

I love Maureen Dowd. Her stance on the Church and Pop drama is beyond noble. you go, girl. -NY TIMES

This is how Tiger felt after every conquest. He is and will always be a horndog extraordinaire. - HUFFINGTON POST

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  2. Where is the latest gossip on Tiger Woods?

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