Sarah Palin Feels Liberated. Is That Like Not Wearing A Bra?!?

Yesterday, Madam Palin suffered from hoof in mouth disease. Today she feels liberated. “You don’t need to be in office to effect positive change,” Sarah Palin said. We know girl, that is why you quit being the Governor of Alaska. So you can positively effect your pocketbook. She went on to say, “Hopefully, I can inspire others to know that you don’t need a title.” Who is she kidding? She is a title-aholic. From Miss Wassila to Mayor of Podunk to Governor of the Tundra, to Wanna-Be Vice-President and to in any minute now, Presidential hopeful. Sure she wants her followers to not need or want titles, because they are all unemployed Tea Party hypocrites. And Donald Trump, the other title-aholic.

Did you see how well-versed our First Lady of Blabber was when asked about the historic midnight ride of Paul Revere? Come on Sarah, surely you know that he was the lead singer in the British rock band, Paul Revere and the Raiders from the 1960’s. They did that great song, Kicks. And you too will get your kicks watching Sarah stumble and mumble her royal cluelessness through this question by the local media in Boston. She best pack up here gear and get on that bus and head straight back to Alaska. ‘Cause she is baked.




Sarah Palin...speechless or clueless?

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6 Responses to “Sarah Palin Feels Liberated. Is That Like Not Wearing A Bra?!?”

  1. Milo says:

    Say what you will.

    If Sarah decides to run in 2012, and I hope she does, the rest of the Republican field will thin-out with dropouts, until there probably won't be a primary.
    She has a 4 to 1 lead in the field right now on the Republican boards. That 4 times the next closest contender, Col. West.

    If that happens, Obama will be destroyed in the next election. (And then the FEC investigations will commence in-earnest, and if what I think happened in 2008, really happened, Obama will flee to Kenya, to avoid prosecution.)

    Democrats are upset at being lied to consistently, and he has alienated most of his base, with the wars, jobs, the economy, the bailouts, guantanamo, global warming, and immigration.

    Did I forget about the vacations, the peace prize, the apologies, the golf or the illegal campaign contributions. Ahh, but these are the reasons for the Independents to throw him under the bus.

    And then there's Obamacare. The political third-rail. Just about the entire right, including the tea party, has railed over the costs, and the audacity of having the government tell us we have to buy insurance to breathe.

    Should I even mention the economy here? the word came down yesterday of the economy actually tanking worse than we've been lead to believe. These last two, are exactly why the tea party exists, and why the Democrats lost the House, historically lost the House, in 2010.

    And this is why you hate Palin with a fire that can't be quenched. This is why the press constantly vilifies her and her family. Not just the woman, the actual candidate, but her family too? Really?

    Truth be known Abe, you wanna be just like her.

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Yes, Milo. I do want to be just like her…in the pocketbook, anyway, and in no other way. And stop projecting your insecurities and desires on others. It is the worst aspect of the average Tea Bagger.

  2. dave says:

    I can answer the question to your blog name. You mean nothing you are insignifacant. You aim to be something yet you fail greatly. Perhaps someday you will be able to do something that is relevant to the rest of mankind but as of yet nothing. Thanks for asking the question.

  3. casual observer says:

    Just a note here:
    You sir, are a hack who cannot intelligently respond to others, without attacking them.
    Oh, and ponder this: is it better to be a teabagger, or teabaggee? If dave is the former, it sort of makes you the latter, doesn't it?

    • Abe Gurko says:

      Excuse me, but respond to Dave in which way, and to what. He said nothing. You, sir might recognize me as a hack because you surely are one. I am not claiming to be anything but a social observer and wit. You my dear fellow are a sexually frustrated Tea Bagger AND Tea Bageee. I would never have though of it in that context. So, you tell me what that feels like. I wouldn't know. And you call your self a casual observer? Ha.

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