Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm…

The good thing about this expression is that it applies to many things. Hmmmm, good. Hmmmm, bad. Hmmmm, huh? Hmmmm, how’d he do that? Hmmmm, is she kidding? This is one of those days where hmmmm is all I can say about a plethora of things. So whether I think Sarah Palin is lying through her pageant smile teeth or the kid in this first video did this stunt in one take, it all just makes me go hmmmm.


Starting with this video shot by my friend Tony Kelly for American Apparel. How amazing is that kid?


Then there's this look from Lauren Conrad. I know every girl thinks that they need to have an up-do. However, an up-do and a rat's nest are two different things.

Could Jena Malone look any worse? Oh, yeah, maybe when she wakes up. Hmmmm?

The Universal Nightmare that is Sarah Palin says she is not doing this bus tour for publicity. Hmmmm? OK, girl. You are not only a liar and a quitter, but a heat seeking missile.

Three reasons that Twitter needs to start fading into the sunset: Blake Lively, Anthony Weiner and now Tito Ortiz. Not that Demi Moore can't be added to this list.But hackers are in fact these people's publicists.

January Jones. Hmmmm? am I alone in thinking she is beyond overrated?


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