Team Devorah Rose


By any chance, are you one of the 72 people that watches High Society? Isn’t it shocking how annoying Jules Kirby, Paul (wishes he was an heir to) Johnson Calderon and PrinceSS Adolf von Schtunkenberry are? And yo, Tinsley Mortimer, what’s the deal with all these phony situations? Doesn’t the CW11 realize this is as queer as a three dollar bill? That fake drama around the fake charity event could not have been more lame. It was like a fundraiser for Tinsley’s Q rating. Why am I watching this crap, you ask? So that I can report to you, my lovely I Mean…What?!? viewers. Who else is gonna to fill you in on the tragedy that is High Society? The other 71 viewers are retarded.

Anyway, a Holy War of slander is about you ensue next week between Tinsley (& her cronies) and Devorah Rose, Editrix, Social Life magazine. IMW officially chooses to be on Team Devorah Rose. Why?  Then, when Paul “No More Tears” Calderon followed suit, (who was filmed working out and hitting up on his trainer like the sissy-nelly that he is), I decided to support Devorah in any way shape or form in her struggle to prove what a bunch of nudniks these people are. Not that she needs my help really. That crowd will self-implode. What sets Devorah apart from those yuckle-heads…and why she gets my vote…is because she works. Say what you will about Devorah, she is smart and committed to doing something with her time, which is more than I can say for that hideous Jules, Paul and PrinceSS Schtunkenberry. I kinda-sorta liked Tinsley until The Tinz started gnawing on that Gross Baboon, Prince Casimir Wittgenstein-Sayn, which makes me think, “Oy, what a climber”. Let the games begin.

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  1. Tiffany says:

    The show is all fake. WE have no idea what these people are about. I did do some research and Jules Kirby does work in finance and has worked since the year of 1998, meaning pre high school. Tinsley Mortimer does design bags. Paul Calderon, well yes he steals. Devorah Rose dates a rich boy named John Farmer, she only wears what she gets for free which is what makes her look like a hooker. Tinsley and her sister Dabney Mercer may have terrible nose jobs, but Devorah Rose has much much more than that. Now argue this. If you actually did your homework you would have a blog worth reading.

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  4. go here says:

    love reading your post especially based on the Television anchor devorah rose .Good to learn from you that she is going to lead all the episodes. I am a frequent viewer of this show and it seems to be good

  5. Queen says:

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