Madonna: The Material…As In Schmatta…Girl

Mar 31, 2010Fashion

Here is a picture of Madonna kvelling (beaming with pride in Yiddish) for Lourdes. So cute but...

Oh Madonna, Madonna, Madonna. Madge, Madge, Madge. You are making me all fatootzed (confused in Yiddish). I am soooo not feeling the Material Girl–brought to you by Macy’s–thing at all. I know, through Kabbalah, you are like officially Jewish now. But that does not mean you have to automatically go into the schmatta business. And does Lourdes need to have a career at thirteen years of age? What’s wrong with a Bat-Mitzvah at Leonard’s of Great Neck and some dance classes? I know, you are a great mother. But I am not so sure that you are a real Jewish mother? A good Jewish mother raises their daughter to be a princess and expect everyone to do everything for them. Work…is a four letter word to that crowd. What you might do is explain to Lola that her obsessive phone calling will be put to good use when she becomes a publicist…like a good Jewish girl. Anyway, one thing is to instill a sense of responsibility to your child, but it seems like Lourdes is suddenly multi-tasking between polishing up on Conversational French, her acting debut in your film about King Edward VIII, and her new fashion stint with you at Macy’s. Frankly, I am exhausted just thinking about it. Is this your way of rolling-out the Lola brand? Fotz.

Like mother, like daughter, like daughter, like mother. Two peas in a pod.

6 Responses to “Madonna: The Material…As In Schmatta…Girl”

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  2. candyrose says:

    Madonna is my favourate star.No body to beet her in looks.
    Her songs drive you up the wall.long live Madonna

  3. lisa says:

    i like your blog. xo

  4. Matt says:

    Get over yourself!!! it was Lola's idea for the clothing line in the first place!!
    her daughter is very talented when it comes to fashion and Madonna is being a very good mother in supporting her and helping her with her dreams.

  5. hannah says:

    hey, that's funny, she works out so much she looks like a worn tree limb, but she's still got a belly..old fart shoulda never been born

  6. […] Lola Ciccone has hit her own zeitgeist. She now has a clothing line, a blog, and is a self-proclaimed style maven. The question is: Will Lola revamp the Material Girl look that her Momma made famous umpteen millions years ago? Is that look relevant now? Hey, I thoroughly support and admire anyone who wants to take the world, head on. When I was Lola’s age, all I could think about was smoking pot and laying in the middle of my school football field, watching the stars come out at night, amazed. And I thought that was being major productive. Well, I had finished my homework. So, what do you think about Look #1? Is this model a bit long in the tooth for it? […]

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