Aging Gracefully…Isn’t That An Oxymoron?

May 6, 2009People We Lerve

Here’s the thing about aging…no one does it well. And no one means what they say about how people age. Here’s a few for instances:

Katie Holmes will plotz when she looks like that. Aging in not fun.

Katie Holmes will plotz when she looks like that. Aging in not fun.

“She looks great for her age” which really means “She’s had tons of work done and who is her doctor?”

“He’s so distinguished looking” which is kind for “He used to be so hot, I guess that grey hair is interesting.”

“Cougar” really means an aging desperado, “Let’s see how long that lasts before he sees her in the nude, with the lights on.”

“Getting better with age” simply means “I am extremely depressed about how old I look.”

“With age comes wisdom” is God’s boobie prize.

“I’m not getting older, I’m getting better, like a fine wine” means “When I am drunk, I see the young me in the mirror, so I stay drunk.”

“You’re as young as you feel” means “What is that creaking sound, damn it.” To quote Dorothy Parker here: “Time wounds all heels.”

“Forty is the new thirty” (or any configuration therein) means “I am in denial, please join me.”

You go girl.

You go girl.

I’ll never forget my mother’s great gift to me when I was worried that I would die young as my father had. She took my hand, looked me in the eye and said, “Abe-ala, darling, only the good die young.” All this to say, I love that I am still alive. I embrace each day as a gift…since I am no spring chicken…but I am commited to living a life that I love. For anyone who begins to ponder “aging” on their birthday as I have today, make sure you laugh that day. ‘Cause aging does hurt and laughter is the best medicine. Now excuse me while I go plotz.

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4 Responses to “Aging Gracefully…Isn’t That An Oxymoron?”

  1. vivian says:

    Happy Birthday and many many more! Til 240 (the new 120).
    Totally get it. yeah yeah it's better than the alternative.

    I love you,

  2. hermes says:

    Happy Birthday sexy, talented, sweet, youngish :-), loyal, smart, always with a smile, always helpful, always great!
    XX hermes

  3. Maurice says:

    Happy Birthday to you from me!!
    Pouch Belly Ass!!

  4. Ericka says:

    Happy happy birthday! Even though we really don't know each other. :) Its a treat in my day to take a break and come read your blog, and nod my head and say 'yes! exactly!!!' Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and may your day (and year) be full of health, happiness, and lots of laughter.

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