BigReport: The Colliding Worlds Of Fashion And Music

Mar 29, 2011People We Lerve

Read this piece below featured in the BigReport by Big Magazine.

How does one maintain relevance in an industry obsessed with youth? Where “one day you are in and ze next day you are out”? In this town you need to know a Roitfeld or be a fashion blogger worthy of a front row seat. As a veteran of the fashion industry, I was challenged with this conundrum. So I revised my business model, focused on social media, developed my own blog, I Mean…What?!? and in turn became part of an extensive network of online media outlets.

The viral landscape is hungry for original content so I began to develop fashion videos for my clients, in an effort to feed the beast. Always a fan of the combination of music and fashion (hello Madonna), my angle was to create fashion look books set to music.

The objective is to partner with up-and-coming musicians who want the extra exposure through the fashion blogs. The most recent hybrid of fashion/music look book was shot with the band Carney, stars of the upcoming Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark to re-launch MNRKY, a division of the prestigious HMX Group. We were given carte blanche after they saw the video for the European brand Paul La Fontaine featuring Paris-based pop singer, Dan Black.

I’d like to thank Marcelo Junemann and Kelley Blevins at Big Magazine for including me in there BigReport. All images and videos directed by David McIntyre, Image Loading.

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