This Is The Most Hysterical Nonsense On Earth

Mar 29, 2011Fashion

Can you imagine gettting this in your inbox?

The gals at Blink PR sent out this fierce (oy) invitation to an event or whatever this is that I wanted to share with you. And this is verbatim.

The Miami Style, the authority of both fashion and flair, cordially invite you to attend an event presentation — JB Couture by Judith Barnes. Judith Barnes is one of the most eclectic, influential and inspirational couture fashion designers in Miami.
Judith Barnes will be presenting three different lines from JB Couture in a non-traditional format. There will also be a special guest performing at this exclusive event. Wine and hors d’ oeuvres will be served throughout the evening.
Admission to the event is $150.00 per person and a percentage of the proceeds will benefit cancer research. To be a part of this enchanting event, follow the reservations link provided below to secure your admission.

Now, hold your horses there, Miss Blink PR. “One of the most eclectic, influential and inspirational couture fashion designers.” Really? Isn’t couture and Miami an oxymoron. It is people like the Blink PR girls that have besmirched the reputation of the PR industry. It makes it hard for me to admit that I do PR, when there are people in the business sending things out that look like this. Whatever….enjoy. And see you at the Double Tree. Not!

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