Elizabeth Taylor, You Were The Greatest

Mar 23, 2011People We Lerve

The astonishing beauty that was Liz Taylor.

It is a sad day indeed. My favorite Hollywood icon, Elizabeth Taylor, passed away this morning. My sister and I were talking about how amazing she was and that no one comes close to her stature and grace. She had an incredible impact on our society though her life’s work of spearheading and supporting the HIV/AIDS community. That, coupled with her amazing talent and divine beauty, well, there’s no one like her in Hollywood anymore. It is truly the end of Hollywood glamour. Yeah, you can mention Angelina Jolie…ish. But as the sun sets on Dame Elizabeth Taylor, please take a moment of silence to honor one of the greatest icons of our time. My time anyway.

If you have not seen Suddenly Last Summer, make it a plan for this weekend.

I have 2 words for her. Stun and Ning.

This is one of the most iconic roles of all time, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra.

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