Justin Bieber’s Scented Dog Tags

Apr 1, 2011People We Lerve

Justin Bieber introduces a mash-up of fragrance meets fashion accessory.

With the passing of Elizabeth Taylor, there is a hole in the celebrity fragrance market that Justin Bieber can fill with the launch of his new product line, Justin Bieber Scented Dog Tags. Move over Jennifer Aniston with your Lolavie nonsense because The Biebs is here with a fresh take on how to smell. The celebrity fragrance and celebrity designer industry is alive and kicking and Justin’s dog tags are the best of both worlds. It is a fragrance that will spice up your wardrobe, while spicing up the way you smell. It is borderline brilliant in a kitsch kind of way. Gotta hand it to Scooter Braun, the  marketing genius behind the Justin Bieber brand. In one short year, he developed this kid into the most viable concept on Earth.

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  1. Justin Bieber Fan says:

    I love Justin Bieber..I'm his fan since I was a little kid and I hope to meet Justin one day to tell him how much he means to me…Love you Justin!

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