Michelle Obama…2 Snaps Up.

Mar 20, 2009People We Lerve
Luv Huh.

Luv Huh.

During my day of reflection, quietly noticing the world around me, I began to get really annoyed at the amount of attention being thrust on the people who brought down our economy. I am officially over the AIG news, Bernie Madoff, Timothy Gietner, Larry Summers, Republicans and anything that reeks of greed. Just over it. And while I’m at it, I wish Barak Obama would go and sit behind his desk for a week and avoid interviews as opposed to going on the talk-show circuit to promote his stimulus plan…a.k.a. future book. Oh, and while I’m really at it the entire bloviator media pool starring Chris Matthews, Keith Oberman, Morning Joe, virtually all of Fox News, much of CNN (not Anderson Cooper, luv huh) and naturally all of CNBC should just shut the fuck up…all of you. When I grew up, we watched the network news, (I’ve gone back to watching Katie Couric) there was no such thing as pundits and life was so much better then. What we get now with all the blather filling the airwaves is a bunch of egomaniacs, most of whom talk to loud and frankly, say nothing. Kind of like me and all the many bloggers…but surely I don’t pretend to be something I am not. I do this as a creative outlet. I don’t care to force anyone to agree with me. The whole idea of I Mean…What?!? is to create a forum to vent about what bugs me and hopefully others will participate. Not get ratings.

What we need now is quiet reserve, determination and steadiness. We need to focus on the small tasks before us and working tirelessly to get to the next step. Sure go and get that 165 million dollars back…but don’t think that will change your life one iota. Revenge does not bring joy. It feeds the beast so all we have now is posturing, name calling and bickering. Not fierce.

Luv huh, too.

Luv huh, too.

The only person emerging as superstar and meaningful hero is Michelle Obama. I understand she is even putting in a vegetable garden at the White House near the Rose Garden from the suggestion of Alice Waters. Two snaps up girl!

Men on Film from In Living Color

Men on Film from In Living Color, 2 Snaps Up.

Michelle has the grace and charm that many in the public eye should look to as role model. I still stand my by assertion that the Jason Wu white gown at the inauguration was all wrong but beyond that, she is the one person now to be the role model for men, women and children. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Barak’s amazing, but as I said, he needs to shut up for a minute. But Michelle can keep doing what she’s doing, the new First Energizer Bunny.

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