Starting Here, Starting Now

Jul 7, 2008People We Lerve

Little David is wearing Mish-Mish, my sister's kids clothing company

To all you bloggers and internet hags, I am officially starting my daily entries to this blog. I will comment on things in the news: political, gossip, and other such nonesense. Also, I will highlight groovy things to buy and to look into further. Granted, you might not give a shit what I think, but then again the feeling is mutual; I don’t give a shit about what you think that I think. So get ready for a fantastic summer with a lot of great ideas and dishy tidbits.

For my first entry: I think that Madonna is not fucking A-Rod. They should be allowed to be friends without everyone getting their knickers in a twist, especially since their knickers are not in a twist. No one loves gossip more than me, but speculation is so 5 years ago.



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