10 Things To Be Grateful For

Dec 16, 2009People We Lerve

Sure, the lackluster economy does not top the list. Nor does the endless coverage of Tiger Woods and his barrage of hookery-tramps. Today it is all about taking a deep breath and thinking back to what you have to be grateful for. Though this year was turbulent, your job is to identify where there was joy. Gratitude lists are very personal, and since I feel so close to many of you (except those kooks who were obsessed with Lindsay Lohan), herewith is my list. I urge you to make your own, because as the year comes to an end, it is important to remember the good things. Because Lord knows, there always plenty of nonsense thrown into the mix.

  1. This year I started I Mean…What?!? and the exponential amount of joy it brings is immeasurable. That you all keep reading, is beyond my wildest dreams. THANK YOU for being the most delicious people on Earth.
  2. Lindsay Lohan’s Muse photo shoot, shot by Yu Tsai, and the video Lindsay’s Private Party garnered IMW so many millions of hits and page views and bla bla, that I have to give Yu Tsai and Lindsay my best karmic wishes for 2010. Do it again kiddies.
  3. Men’s fashion becoming so outrageous–hence creating the Manzie Report– was a sure gratitude provider.
  4. Though I lost, as did many of you, a portion of my annual revenue due to clients going belly up, I am still grateful for the clients that survived the market crash and keep me in their budget. :)
  5. To know my sisters, is to know that we have a shared sensibility, point of view and humor. We laugh in the face of danger…a talent we developed hanging around my mother.  This also extends to my small, but amazing family members.
  6. Though I am in the business of people (event producer/PR), I consider myself a bit of a loner. But I do have a small band of extended family that I adore, whether they are Wishful Drinking or not.
  7. The fashion industry makes me happy…it provides endless fodder.
  8. Celebrity nonsense also brings me unending joy….and fodder galore.
  9. Spiritual aerobics, which is what I call Intensati, has changed my life.
  10. The advances in medicine that have impacted my friends lives this year…need I say more?

    Thank you Lindsay Lohan, Yu Tsai and Petey Wright

    Thank you Lindsay Lohan, Yu Tsai and Petey Wright. Click here.

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  1. ericka says:

    I blogged like this earlier this year when i was having a very unattractive bout of self-pity. It's a definite eye-opener. I am probably most grateful this year for my new baby (also known as a kitten to many of you) and scoring my dream job, even if it was just a temporary gig. 2010 on paper looks pretty good. I hope the next 2 weeks keep it that way. :D

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