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These two cry wolf at the drop of a fiscal cliff.

Somewhere Over The Fiscal Cliff (sung to the tune of Somewhere Over The Rainbow) should be the official swan song for Lindsay Lohan and the Republican House of Representatives.
Somewhere over the fiscal cliff,
Way down there.
There’s a bunch of gross baboons,
Drowning in their selfish pride.
Somewhere over the fiscal cliff,
John Boehner sobs,
And Paul Ryan is wishing that he never took Mitt’s call.… Read More »

The slogan women need to

If I were a women (shush you) my slogan would be I CAN’T. And when I say I CAN’T, I mean I can’t vote Republican in this–our most critical–election.… Read More »

Tavi posted a nude photo on The Style Rookie and all hell broke loose. – GAWKER Kelly Clarkson…oy. – JUST JARED The title of Countess..Schmountess Louann’s new single is Money Can’t Buy You Class. Truer words have ne’er been spoken. – HUFFINGTON POST Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson were doomed from the start. Low rent breeds low rent. Sorry to hear about the violence. He should be pussy whipped. – PAGE SIX That Republican (Gross Baboon) Governor from Arizona signed that strict immigration law to keep outfits like this one on that side of the Mexican border. – FASHIONISTA.COM Are… Read More »

How can we put Republicans out of their misery? That hair-brained Tea Party scheme went over like a lead balloon. You can stand in the rain from here to Timbuktu, tea bags in hand…I mean…what?!? Instead of using  the Boston Tea Party as your model, the better idea was to pull a Lady Godiva, ride through town NUDE on a white horse, in an effort to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation of the time. Your tea party idea was a sad and pathetic attempt to make a point. Couple hundred people here, couple of hundred people there, does… Read More »