The Little, Republican Tea Party That Could

Apr 16, 2009Breaking Newzzz
You should have invited Ozzy and Slash if you wanted a big turnout. Fools.

You should have invited Ozzy and Slash if you wanted a big turnout. Fools.

How can we put Republicans out of their misery? That hair-brained Tea Party scheme went over like a lead balloon. You can stand in the rain from here to Timbuktu, tea bags in hand…I mean…what?!? Instead of using  the Boston Tea Party as your model, the better idea was to pull a Lady Godiva, ride through town NUDE on a white horse, in an effort to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation of the time. Your tea party idea was a sad and pathetic attempt to make a point. Couple hundred people here, couple of hundred people there, does not a successful campaign make. Rather, what it proves, is just how lame and out of touch the Republicans are, and getting lamer every day.

Lady Godiva = Sarah Palin

Lady Godiva = Sarah Palin

My prediction is: they are going to continue to spiral downward to the point where Republicans would be well advised to stay under the radar for fear of some kind of backlash. The Bush Administration has their fingerprints all over this bad economy, and the majority of Americans know that. So, to refute (or as John McCain says “refutiate”, a word that does not exist, like nucular) the efforts by the new administration, is to dirty your hands, hence be found guilty by association. Then the onus is on you. FYI: The new administration is going to spend all the money they want on whatever they want. Accept and move on.

So, lay low, see you in eight years when that twit Sarah Palin comes back to town on her white horse (hopefully nude) as your savior and screws y’all up for another eight years.

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  1. Nice post covering the epic April 15 temper-tantrums that brought out thousands of….yawwwn it's over now.

    I Mean…WHAT?!?! is right. I'm sad my home state wants to secede but when you have to prove you're more of a hick than Kay Bailey…I feel like I need to move back to slap some sense into TX.

    I've been sending this impressive info-graphic to my sad, angry friends and family asking them where they want to start cutting:

    Love the blog – great work on the design and presentation. I'm a fan!


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