I CAN’T: The Slogan For Binders Full Of Women

Nov 1, 2012Breaking Newzzz

The slogan women need to adopt…fast.

If I were a women (shush you) my slogan would be I CAN’T. And when I say I CAN’T, I mean I can’t vote Republican in this–our most critical–election. Yes, every presidential election is the most important eletion of its time, but this time I am really not kidding. I was a staunch supporter of the Women’s Movement in the 70’s as a (mere) child. Being raised in a family full of females surely influenced that, but people like Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug were so impressive and amazing that they helped change the world. No question the ’60’s and ’70’s were a more interesting time. Somehow we cared more about issues and other people then. Now, everything seems so fleeting and irrelevant and hopeless and self serving. Where is the next Robert Kennedy when we need one?

Ladies who are leaning towards Romeny & Ryan: I implore you… beg you to rethink your position and vote in favor of women’s rights. Be not only motivated by your own personal wallets. Think of the bigger picture. Think about the Supreme Court. Think about your reproductive rights. Think about that scary Eddie Munster being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. That alone should scare anyone into a voting booth to pull the lever for ANYTHING BUT HIM! Does the expression, “you can’t rape the willing” apply here?

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  1. Grand Cru-ster says:

    Now I know why my Dr.'s name struck a chord! Binder…. hmmm… impressive format, writing, roster, and that soupcon of snarkubation!!! Good show!

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