Lindsay Lohan Is The Fiscal Cliff

Nov 30, 2012Breaking Newzzz

These two cry wolf at the drop of a fiscal cliff.

Somewhere Over The Fiscal Cliff (sung to the tune of Somewhere Over The Rainbow) should be the official swan song for Lindsay Lohan and the Republican House of Representatives.

Somewhere over the fiscal cliff,
Way down there.
There’s a bunch of gross baboons,
Drowning in their selfish pride.
Somewhere over the fiscal cliff,
John Boehner sobs,
And Paul Ryan is wishing that he never took Mitt’s call.

What astounds me about the Republican House of Representatives is their zeal to ignore any negotiation with the President regarding the Fiscal Cliff. They don’t realize how bad things will get of they do not make some kind of meaningful deal. Playing hardball is not the answer here. The Republicans should look at the trajectory of Lindsay Lohan because that is exactly what this country will look like if a compromise of some sort is not struck. Yes, Lindsay Lohan represents what America will look like if we do go over the Fiscal Cliff–bloated, out of control and borrowing money to pay our taxes. I do not need to go over any specifics about the deal offered to Congress but the attitude from the Republicans is similar to those of Lindsay Lohan’s. She thinks her shit don’t stink and the rules don’t apply to her. She thinks by boo-hooing any judge will let her continue her reckless behavior. Oh, like the Republicans are not guilty of resorting to these same tactics? Needless to say also applies to people like Charles Krauthammer and a plethora of Fox News bloviators.

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