The Not Best Dressed List

Oh Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. I would have loved to be a fly on Nicki's weave when she was sitting next to Anna Wintour at the Oscar de la Renta show.

Imagine being stuck in the Snooki Hootchie Mama time warp.

Yes, Daphne Guiness is amazing. I, frankly, think she should have run to Rite-Aid and worn different hose. And eaten half a sandwich.

Oy, Fergie. really? You have a hunk of a husband as your accessory. Did you need those feather shoulder things? Yikes.

Lady in red I adore you. Well, maybe not. Parker Posey explodes in red.

Kinda like a Flamenco Dancer.

And here, though Chloe Sevigny's dress is cute, the overall look is not. Hair, hose, shoes.

LeAnn Rimes wore her friggen Snuggie to the Trevor Projects event. I bet her TV clicker is in that bag of hers. Here she sports Renee Zelwegger's face too.

Yes or No?

John Dempsey is smack dab in the middle of a print war between Laure Heriard Dubreuil and China Chow. China wins, but not by much. I predicted the fashion print war would end up with countless casualties.

Jessie Williams wants in on the print war. Surely, he will be the first casualty of the war in that get up.

There is a scene in Absolutely Fabulous where Eddie is meditating in the kitchen and tells Saphie "Did you know, darling, that Yogi's can breathe through any orifice. They can breath for forty years just breathing through a straw sticking out of their poondada." These guys reminded me of that.

Amy Sedaris is stuck in the quirky universe where poodle skirts are still part of the deal.

It's two, two, two coats in one. Fotz. Here is a victim in the print war against herself.


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