Milan Heralds In The Mu-Mu Gown

Sep 26, 2010Fashion

Reading all the reviews from the Milan runways, the term “seventies” is bandied about quite a bit. Duh…it was “The Only” time in fashion. A few major trends are spilling off the catwalks in Milan that are clear and present, most notably, color. But not just pops of color, rather, full-on kaleidoscopes of prints and vibrant hues of exhausting jewel tones on acid. Acid…that is very 70’s, too…1973 to be exact, when my third addiction kicked in. But I digress. One recurring look on many runways that I noticed was more 60’s than 70’s really, and that is the revival of the Mu-Mu Gown. Volume is in…big time. As the skank look is finally waning and if this trend takes off, I will be so jealous because men now have to wear skimpy, little short-shorts and low cut tops whereas the gals will get to bounce around town in loose fitting shifts, not having to hold in their stomachs. Fashion…is such a woman’s thing.

Anyhoo, Mu Mu’s are very 60’s, late 60’s circa Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton as they spent their days wearing Mu Mu gowns making movies and love. See snippets of Boom and The Sandpiper, below. And scroll through the Mu Mu’s of Spring ’11 and you tell me. What came first…the Mu Mu or the egg.



This Mu Mu is belted...but that is strictly optional.

This is a Mu Mu ridiculous, complete with head frame. Actually this is a knock off of Viktor & Rolf a few seasons back with the dress complete with pillow.

See what I mean?

Anyhoo...back to the Mu Mus. Antonio Marras did an aetherial version.

Max Mara did one a bit more cocktail.

Emilio Pucci showed one with a vest....snazzy.

Jil Sander showed the maxi Mu Mu is horizontal stripes for that overly confident woman.

Bottega Veneta showed a few extremely chic ones galore.

Blumarine featured the leopard Mu Mu.

Marni did a mini Mu Mu.

Albino d’Amato had a version where if you are feeling fat and are having a bad hair day...this is the answer.

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  1. kanani says:

    Ah. I never thought of the Jil Sander set as mu-mus. But I am seeing loads of caftans on the racks, though honestly having lived through his long hemline stuff back in the 70's (I think we called them granny gowns), they were a real pain to wear around town. They'd always get caught in the car door. Whats new is old. What's a mu-mu now, was a house duster earlier.

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