Couture? Are You Sure?

Jul 7, 2010Fashion

The Paris Fall Couture Shows are under way and from the looks of it, my editing services were surely needed at all the shows, except maybe Christian Dior. A freind of mine asked me why I didn’t goof on the recent John Galliano men’s show in Paris, and my response was, “John Galliano can do no wrong”. He is such an incredible creative force that he could put doody in a bag, and I would say, “Brava, Maestro.” Anyhoo, back to the couture story at hand…rather… petites mains. Shall we start with Chanel? Look, I know he is the lion that roars. The over-sized golden statue on the runway pretty much sums that up. But frankly, I could have happily Edward Scissorhand-ed my way through some of those looks.

Not flattering.

Too many flaps. Not feeling the cocoon sleeves either.

Not flattering...again. And not feeling every dress with boots either.

A little to pineaplle-y for me. Also, not with boots.

I would Edward Scissorhand the hip apppliques.

Not a fan of the entire Givenchy collection, but this outfit was especially ridiculous. What's with the camel toe? Even Cher would never have worn this in the good ol' days.

Here's another collection that we can all live happily ever after without, Gustavo Lins. Petite mains? My eye. Looks more like the work of Edward Scissorhands, if you ask me.

Really? Couture? Have I got a bridge to sell you.

And who is this...Chewbacca's girlfriend? When Woobies with a string become fashion...correction...couture, no less, well...I say fotz.

I could have lived without a few of Giorgio Armani Prive day looks, quite honestly. It's really about the gowns anyway.

Eh. Whatever.

This is like Emporio Armani. And if that is the plan, to subtly promote that label...well...two snaps up girl.

Alexandre Vauthier clearly wanted to redesign Wonder Woman.

This is "like" so Viktor & Rolf two years ago...and that didn't work either.

Here, Vauthier takes a page out of the JWoww fashion handbook.

See what I mean?

Ans this Vegas number is like an updated Debbie Reynolds.

See what I mean?

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