Eau de Bruce Willis?!?

Bruce Willis: For the man who has everything...except maybe a clue.

Here we go again….yet, another celebrity-turned-stink. This time, Bruce Willis is the man of the hour. Yup, because I know how much you have wanted to smell like Bruce Willis since his Moonlighting days. I personally wanted to smell like him when he was in Death Becomes Her, with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn. Speaking of which, these gals would NEVER sign on to become a fragrance. Back to Bruce. The Bruce Willis Collection includes an eau de parfum, hair and body wash, deodorant spray and after shave balm. HAIR?!? Have they seen him in the past 20 years?

Now here's a guy whose namesake hair wash makes alot of sense. Fotz.

This guy needs to have a hair wash named after him like I am going to the moon. What’s in it? Nair? All this to say, more power to anyone who brands their ass…Lord knows, I would love to have a line of something, NOT schmattas, the playing field is too crowded. Who knows, if this I Mean…What?!? thing goes over, you could be driving in an IMW…but I digress. To refresh your memory, this season Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and Anonio Banderas have launched a signature schtoonk. That is on the heels of 50 Cent, Rihanna, Mariah‘s 3rd, Paris Hilton‘s 6th, Britney‘s 4th. Frankly, I would love to know how they are selling. We see the launch, the hype, the ads, the red carpet photos and then nothing. I wish Women’s Wear Daily would do their due diligence and update us will sales reports. Chop-chop.

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